Airport charges

The busiest airports in the world

The landing charge is assessed on the basis of the Maximum total Weight authorised for the aircraft. A fraction of a ton is calculated as a whole ton.
International flights. Each landing will be charged US$ 7.05 pr. ton or fraction thereof.


Parking is free of charge for the first 6 hours. The charge for following 24 hours, or part thereof, is as follows:
International flights US$ 0.50 pr.ton or fraction thereof.


Charges may be waived in the following categories:
Landing and dparking charges for aircraft owned or chartered by the Republic of Iceland.
Landing and parking charges for aircraft used solely for the transportation of Heads of States and the Secretary General of the United Nations and their entourage.
Landing charges for aircraft landing after the test flight, proviced the test flight takes place while the aircraft is engaged in a scheduled flight.
Landing and parking charge for rescue aircraft.
Landing charges for aircraft returning due to technical difficulties or adverse weather conditions, provided they have not made an intermediate landing elsewhere.
50% rebate can be granted after parking exceeds 7 days.
Under special circumstances the Airport Manager is permitted to waive landing and parking charges.
Landing and parking charges shall be paid before departure. Credit up to 60 days may be granted, provided prior arrangement to this effect has been made with the Airport Manager.
This regulation is issued in accordance with Law no. 34, article 78, 21st May 1964 on Air Traffic, and comes into force 1 July 1989.